Watch dolphins and sea lions perform at the Tuan Chau

Dolphin performance in Tuan Chau

Apart from Halong Bay cruise trip, Tuan Chau entertainment center also attracts tourists with a lot of both outdoor activities and indoor performance. One of the most interesting entertainment shows is dolphin and seals performance that take place at Tuan Chau Entertainment center.

Performances of dolphins, seals, sea lions take place on an area of 10,000 m2 with 2,500 seats. The stage is designed with most modern stainless steel frame in Southeast Asia. It simulates Sydney Opera in Australia.

Dolphin performance in Tuan Chau
Dolphin performance in Tuan Chau

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The dome’s architecture has won a prize of Vietnam Architecture contest 2002. At the show, viewers will see dolphins from the South Australian coast and sea lions from Gulf of Alaska. All animals are trained by Russian coaches and they will become talented performers. The exotic performances such as seals shaking, dolphins catching balls, painting really make viewers satisfied. Sea lions will definitely gives you great feeling and satisfaction.

 Visitors can not only seen the dolphins and sea lions perform acrobatics, waving between the blue waters with its brown eyes like inviting you to join the games, but also can enjoy interesting performances of dance, fashion such as: Miss Sea, Halong beauty contest.