What’s new on Halong Bay 2016?

Halong Bay

It’s obvious to see that tourists in Halong is increasing year by year, therefore Quang Ninh province has launched new harbors and new policies to help develop tourism. Tourists visiting Halong Bay in 2016 will have more opportunity to enjoy better cruise service, not only the natural beauty but the warm hospitality from local people.

More transfer services

The distance between Hanoi and Halong Bay is 170 km and tourists can travel to and from Halong Bay by private car, shuttle bus of tour package and by air. In the past, there is only helicopter service to admire Halong Bay beauty from above but we have more choice now with seaplane service, the helicopter service also have been improved with better price and quality.

Visit Halong by helicopter
Visit Halong by helicopter

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New harbors

 Most of Cruise Company in Halong Bay has moved to Tuan Chau Marina harbor to operate the tourist routes of Halong Bay center. The harbor has been listed on the world’s tourism map and promoted as major link to connect Quang Ninh to the world. Indochina Junk still operates cruise in Hon Gai harbor to bring customer to Bai Tu Long Bay for off the beaten track experience while waiting for new arrangement.

New harbor in Halong Bay
New harbor in Halong Bay

Tour routes to explore

On a Halong Bay cruise, there are two main visiting area: Halong Bay center and Bai Tu Long Bay to form main tourist routes. The most popular route is Halong Bay center while Bai Tu Long Bay route is less touristy. In 2016, there will be more careful research to these visiting routes on Halong Bay to analyze the capacity, sightseeing and the ability of cruise operators. Indochina Junk still focus on the Bai Tu Long Bay routes to bring guest to explore a less visited part of the bay with more unique experience.